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I am going to make this so simple anyone will be able to do it, but don't its bad :(

Ok so first step is to download a program called Vuze get it here Vuze

Second get all updates (no need to purchase the product)

Third goto BTJunkie (<--Click here) (no longer working will update this soon for now just stay with vuze but rem to read comments)

fourth type anything you want in the search

fifth READ THE COMMENTS (<-very important) to make sure the file is legit)

sixth  click download now

seventh wait for download

eighth goto documents then to vuze downloads and copy the files you downloaded and paste them in the folder you want them in

ninth Delete them from the vuze client (right click them and select delete) this is important if you dont remove them they will be shared and it will eat your bandwidth

tenth watch and enjoy

***Note If you have a game console it will also pick up vuze and allow you to watch your files on your tv wirelessly