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     Now I know many of you are thinking wow build your own NO WAY!! lol but it is very simple, do not be afraid of technology there are very few parts and it is very simple.

To start off I will just list the main parts of your computer:

- Case (also refereed to as a tower)

This is the outer shell of your system all other parts will be contained in this structure

- Motherboard

Basically the heart of your computer all other parts will attach to this piece


(Central Processing Unit) basically the brain of your system it processes data

- Ram

(Random Access memory)  helps speed up your system

- Video card (also often refereed to as a graphics card)

This is where your monitor will connect to your motherboard  it is also important to have a good one for gaming.

- Power supply

Well simply this is what will supply power to your system its the part you will plug into the wall.

- Hard Disk (also referred to as a hard drive)

This is where all of your information is stored movies games pictures ect.

- Optical drive (disk drive, Cd Rom ect) 

Obviously this is what will run your cds dvds ect

Now to purchase these items i would recommend the following

For new parts I would suggest Newegg they always seem to have very descent prices.

For used parts or cheap replacement parts I would suggest Ebay

For the actual build i recommend you watch this video this guy seems very thorough and I think it will ease alot of your worries about this type of project.