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Method 1 (standard install)

This is the standard install simply plug the device into your computer plug your phone into the device then let it install (this is automatic and does not take long) Fill out the questions pick a number and your done. For more information check out there website

Method 2 (thriftyal's method full house primary number install)

1.) Disconnect your previous Phone providers line from your main box either by

       1a.) Pull the wires that come in from your main box and attach to your phone                         junction box or

        1b.)  Open the previous phone providers box (the grey box on the side of your house) and disconnect the phone line (simply unplug it)

Now pick up your phone to confirm the line is disconnected if not try again you must have disconnected the wrong wires.

2.) Connect your magic Jack device to the back of your computer and the plug a male to male phone cord into the device and connect the other end of the cord into an empty phone jack in your house.

3.) let the device install on its own and Magic jack is now your primary phone line

**note if you can not spare a jack I suggest you use the one closest to your magic jack device and replace the jack with a dual jack mount (not a splitter) You will need to cut the black and yellow wires and use only the black and red on each side of the device connect 1 line to each side (4 wires needed) remember these colors and goto your junction box and connect the other 2 wires to a free slot in your box. (pictures to come)

***note 2 I would also like to mention that the most affordable place to purchase splitters jacks wire ect ect is from a dollar store while shopping in Wal-mart i noticed these parts to be $10-$15 a piece as compared to the $1-$2.50 that they are in a dollar store!!